Membership Options

Membership of Triathlon Australia/Queensland is compulsory for members of Queensland clubs so when you sign up, you will do so for both Whitsunday Triathlon club and Triathlon Australia (TA)/Triathlon Queensland (TQ).

Whitsunday Triathlon Club

As part of the WTC you get the benefit of coaching expertise, training sessions and well run events.    Not only that, you also receive weekly club newsletters, event discounts and for the 2015/2016 year,  an asics Club polo shirt.

Triathlon Australia

All the many benefits from your Triathlon Australia membership can be viewed here.

How to join?

If you wish to join our club, you should select a ‘Club membership‘ option when joining:

Click here to go through to Membership Portal

The Membership Year runs from July 1st until June 30th.  If you’re an existing member, your membership will automatically renew on July 1st unless you switch off the renewal settings on your account.

It is possible just to join TA/TQ if you don’t want to be associated with us or another club; however membership is more expensive that way!

Membership Fees

Adult $80 $136 (Club) or $226 (Non Club)
Child Under 11 $50 $33 (Club) or $56 (Non Club)
Child 12 – 19 $50 $68 (Club) or $113 (Non Club)
Social $25 $5 (Club) or $42 (Non Club)

Note: Family price is 20% off per person for both club and TA components.

Other memberships available for ITU Juniors, Professionals, Coaches & Officials.

Whitsunday Tri Club